Mollie Adams Diary of Her Journey in the Canadian Rockies June 12, 1908

On June 23, a new book about Mary Schäffer, An Adventurous Woman Abroad, will be launched.
Many people have heard about Mary Schäffer, the first non-native woman to see Maligne Lake. Her survey of that beautiful lake contributed to its inclusion in Jasper National Park. Fewer people know Mary (Mollie) Adams. Mollie Adams was Mary's traveling companion on many of her journeys into the backcountry and abroad from 1905 until 1911. Mollie documented their 1908 journey in search of Maligne Lake in her daily diary. Follow their adventures over the next few months as her words are revealed. This is Mollie's June 12 diary entry.

Bow Lake Friday, June 12
Heavy frost in the night. M. (Mary Schäffer) Mr. B. and I started out ahead again, thinking we would make the slight detour at the summit to go to the lookout point over Peyto Lake, but the snow was still so deep and travelling so bad, that we were glad to find as we went down the Bear Creek side. It was cold and desolate on the pass, not much like last year when the ground was covered with snow lilies, and Trollius, and we were glad to find as we went down, that the Bear Creek Valley was trying to live up to its reputation of being warmer than the Bow. But although it is uncomfortable, we hope this cold weather will last two days longer, until we have time to cross the Saskatchewan. We waited for the packs according to orders at the foot of the big patch of burnt timber, and camped at 3 P.M., with the first good horse feed of the trip. We have several typical Indian Cayuses, Pinkey the second is a good example – mostly white as to the body, with a few variegated speckles; a white face, pink nose, brown ears, blue eyes, a black tail. There is one so-called silver horse – yellow with whitish mane and tail; and a “blue” horse, Blue Peter.

On Bow Summit, Mary Schäffer fonds, Whyte Museum of the Canadian Rockies (V527/ PS 1 -09)


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