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Suitcase Secrets

                                     Preserving McDougall Family Documents In the spring of 2017, Alberta lost an important historic place when the McDougall Stoney Mission Church in Morley was destroyed by fire. However, as fate would have it, important historical documents from another branch of the McDougall family have been rescued and preserved for future generations. Archival Assistant Sara Min from the University of Manitoba will relate the contents of the recent acquisition by the Whyte Museum Archives, as well as the archival process she undertook to both preserve and make accessible these important documents. On June 19, 2017, Archival Assistants  Nicole Ensing, Brittany Watson, and myself accompanied the Whyte Museum’s Head Archivist, Jennifer Rutkair , to Drumheller, Alberta to appraise archival materials donated by Ed and Faye  Hnetka . Ed told us that he found David McDougall correspondence inside a suitcase in the attic of an abandoned house on 5 th  Ave, Calgar