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Museum Week 2018 - Living together, Citizenship and Tolerance

Museum Week - April 23rd to 29th 2018 The Whyte Museum of the Canadian Rockies is proud to be participating once again in the international social media campaign known as Museum Week . For 7 days cultural institutions around the globe will be sharing their cultural content, whether it be from their collections, programs or special events, with the world.  This year the theme for Museum Week is living together, citizenship and tolerance . Functioning under the belief that museums and all cultural institutions play a vital role in the development of our societies, Museum Week wants to dedicate this week to these shared beliefs in the hopes of forging links between museums and their diverse communities. As community is at the core of the Whyte Museum's mission we always strive to show the world how our Banff/Bow Valley community has evolved from when Indigenous Nations traveled in the valley to our vibrant present day town situated in Banff National Park through our

SkiBig3: How Did We Get Here?

Sunshine Scrapbook Memories We have arrived at the end of our SkiBig3: How Did We Get Here series. So far, we have looked into the humble beginnings of skiing in Banff by getting to know the men and women who believed in the sheer goodness that skiing can bring to people and a community. They worked tirelessly through years when they barely broke even or hardly kept their doors open, all for the love of the sport and the mountains that supported it. We will now take a look at how that hard work was repaid, affirmed, and immortalized by the locals and visitors who visited Sunshine Ski Resort via their photographs and scrapbooks.  V91/PA-101,  Pat, Dell, and Jim Brewster at  Sunshine  cabin on skis,  Pat Brewster fonds. These days everyone and their dog has a cellphone and can capture and share their powder days with the world, sometimes right from the top of the mountain itself. However in the early 20th century when skiing was a new pastime, camera film took time and money