Mollie Adams Diary of Her Journey in the Canadian Rockies June 18, 1908

On June 23, a new book about Mary Schäffer, An Adventurous Woman Abroad, will be launched. Many people have heard about Mary Schäffer, the first non-native woman to see Maligne Lake. Her survey of that beautiful lake contributed to its inclusion in Jasper National Park. Fewer people know Mary (Mollie) Adams.  Mollie Adams was Mary's traveling companion on many of her journeys into the backcountry and abroad from 1905 until 1911. Mollie documented their 1908 journey in search of Maligne Lake in her daily diary.  Follow their adventures over the next few months as her words are revealed. This is Mollie's diary entry for today’s date in 1908.

Mosquito Camp, Tuesday, June 18.
U. went out at 3:45 A.M. to have a look for deer, but no luck as usual. After breakfast he an H. started off for Glacier Lake. I went out and had a try for fish in the N. Fork, but did not get even a nibble. W. and Mr. B. arrived just in time for supper. They had had a strenuous trip, having gone all the way to the Plains on Tuesday. W. had intended to cross the Sask[atchewan] above the whirlpool, but found it would be swimming, so they went on down on the north side. When they found no Indians or anyone there, W. said he know the river must be high – and it was. They camped near the rock bluff ford, walked down opposite Tom Wilson’s after supper and yelled till they raised John. The Wilsons were to have started for Laggan the net morning but they laid over a day for the pleasure of securing company. The next day W. and Mr. B. did the swimming act with a vengeance. An easy swim over, being a down stream ford, although W. said that if their camp had been on Tom’s side of the river they would not have gone back for the pleasure of crossing. The river bank on the north side has been so washed out this spring that there is no good landing place, and on the way back they not only got an awful ducking, but came near being washed past the landing to goodness knows where. W. was wet almost to the shoulders and Mr. B. was all under water except his hat. He had his pipe in his mouth at the time and it shipped water. They came all the way back here the third day, and looked quite tired after all their exertions.

North Fork Saskatchewan, Mary Schaffer fonds,
Whyte Museum of the Canadian Rockies (V527 / PS 1-14)


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