Mollie Adams Diary of Her Journey in the Canadian Rockies June 9, 1908

On June 23, a new book about Mary Schäffer, An Adventurous Woman Abroad, will be launched.
Many people have heard about Mary Schäffer, the first non-native woman to see Maligne Lake. Her survey of that beautiful lake contributed to its inclusion in Jasper National Park. Fewer people know Mary (Mollie) Adams. Mollie Adams was Mary's traveling companion on many of her journeys into the backcountry and abroad from 1905 until 1911. Mollie documented their 1908 journey in search of Maligne Lake in her daily diary. Follow their adventures over the next few months as her words are revealed. This is Mollie's June 9 diary entry.

The Damp Spot Tuesday June 9
5½ hours drive to Bow Park. The same unfortunate Buckskin pony who got mired yesterday was down again in a bad bit at a sharp bend of the river. Mosquito Creek was quite a roaring torrent, Black Bess and the horse H [Holmes] fell down it. Polo [Charley] Mr. B’s [Brown’s] pony is new to the trail and his first attempts at log jumping were trying to their dignities, but he is getting on to the job better already, The Midget went mysteriously lame, was all right when driven into camp, but when led out to be packed, could hardly step on one of his hind feet. They had to distribute his pack among the others and lead him. Decided to lie over tomorrow to give him a chance to recover.

[Sid Unwin with packhorses near Endless Chain, Mary Schaffer], Moore Family Fonds
(V439/ ps - 17), Whyte Museum of the Canadian Rockies


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