Mollie Adams Diary of her Journey in the Canadian Rockies, June 20, 1908

Mosquito Camp, Saturday, June 20.

All hands up early, breakfast over by 6:45, and horses all in, but as it continued to rain harder all the time, we decided to lay over again; the horses were turned out, and we prepared for another long session by the camp fire. After lunch all off in spite of rain, mostly in different directions. I took my hammer  and went up to the canyon – found nothing of special interest Canyon cut along the strike of thin bedded bl kst dip about 20° n. e. No distinct foss[il] remains. Kst. Weathers reddish brown. A good many small iron (?) concretions, and sometimes rusty looking between the beds, and filling worm-like cavities. M. and W. took horses across the Sask[atchewan] (still lower than the last time) to look for a special flower, which they did not find. Came upon the Wilsons camped near Bear Creek however, paid them a visit and brought John back to supper. Decided to move out tomorrow, rain or shine.


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