Mollie Adams Diary of Her Journey in the Canadian Rockies July 5, 1908

Independence Camp
Sunday, July 5.

Barometer going up and clearing during day. Some rain in A.M. but lovely P.M. 5800 ft. at 6 P.M.

Laid over as they did not wake up till 7 A.M. and found horses, all except Ricks and Nibs, had gone way down to the river and by the time they got them back it would make a very late start for an unknown and probably long drive. So W. and U. took those two and started off to investigate. They went over the snowy pass we could see from 4th of July Camp and down on to a biggish creek the other side -- no lake visible -- and they got back around 5 P.M. somewhat disgruntled with the mythical lake, that we have worked so hard to see, both last year and this and almost inclined to doubt its existence. We had a great chew the rack over maps, and as they seem convinced that it is the only way to go, I suppose the outfit will be moved over tomorrow and further explanations made.

M. and I went for a little walk up toward the top where she was joined by H., and I going to a rock slide, where I ambled around for a long time. Geology not profitable, but I grubbed out a lot of things to bring Mr. B., some of which he did not scorn. His game leg is better, but not as good as new yet.


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