Mollie Adams Diary of Her Journey in the Canadian Rockies July 6, 1908

Independence Camp
Monday, July 6

Off at 9 A.M. and camped at 1 P.M., a few miles down over Maligne Pass, at 6300 ft. The pass was 7300. Weather mostly dull cloudy, with a few spots of sunshine, and a few of rain. A good deal of snow to go through, about as much as Pobokton Pass. Not very steep either going up or down, and quite pleasing views. A little pond still quite covered with ice, at the summit, draining to the south. None of the pack horses got stranded in the snow as was expected, and only one in the mud -- Biddy, who slipped off a sloping rock and skinned himself rather badly. M. and I took our usual walk after lunch, she going a great deal higher than I. Nothing of any great interest in the scientific line. This is a very pretty valley, green meadows all down the middle, forests of Engelmann spruce leading up to the rock and snow above. Mts. not very high, but at this season lots of snow on the ones at the head and foot of the valley. Everyone but me to bed at 9 P.M. I hung around our fire till 10:30, reading by daylight till 10.


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