Mollie Adams Diary of Her Journey in the Canadian Rockies July 7, 1908

1st Maligne Camp
Tuesday, July 7

Rain in the night. Bar[ometer] down a little. Cloudy morning. A good deal of bright sunshine and a few showers during the day. Moved down the valley 7 or 8 miles, 3½ hrs. drive, and camped at 5859 ft. among thick spruce trees just around the bend in the creek, where we had expected to find the end of the range of mts., and be able to see whether the lake lay behind it or not. A second range appeared, however, going on down. After lunch, U started out climbing to find the lake or bust, and with compass, aneroid, maps, camera and field glasses, so that nothing should escape him. He left camp about 3 P.M. and returned at 10:45, having, as he said, "kept hopping" all the time. He climbed about 2500 ft., then up again on what seemed to be a shoulder of Mt.  __________ to 8750 ft. --- saw the lake! Went down right to it, 5600 ft., and around and home again over the lower wooded shoulders. So it is discovered at at last. Sampson shortened up the distances on his map, but it is pretty good all the same. We are probably six miles from the lake now, and the creek we are on flows into it about 6 miles from the lower end. U. could not see the upper end of the lake from where he was, but said the part he could see looked about 18 miles long.

M. and I out for the usual stroll, this time through willow brush and very scrubby woods, and mosquitos. The green bug nets were out in force this evening, M. ate supper with her gloves on too. M. crawled into bed at 9:30, but the rest of us sat around the smudge and waited till the wanderer came.


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