Mollie Adams Diary of her Journey in the Canadian Rockies, July 14, 1908

Chaba Camp Tuesday, July 14 Rain and warm. Mosquitoes gave us no let-up during the night. I did my usual stint of sleeping fairly well in spite of them, while most of the others got practically no sleep. I heard them around my bug net every time I woke, bellowing and rearing, and occasionally one got in a nip through it, or crawled under. M. got so wild that at about 5 A.M. she arose in her wrath, took a towel and flapped them mostly out of the tent and shut the door, which made a slight lull in their concert. After breakfast W. and U. went off to cut out the trail if necessary, and M. and I went to work with our supply of mosquito netting and made curtains for the front of each tent, which occupied us till well on late into the afternoon. W. and U. came back not much pleased with conditions at the outlet. The Indians camp on the other side of it, so if there is any trail down the Maligne River, it is probably there. They found none on this side, and no ford so we were told we now had the chance to show how we did the swimming act, as they would build a raft to carry the grub over dry, and swim all the horses. We suspect, however, that when the time comes, they will take us with the grub.


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