Mollie Adams Diary of her Journey in the Canadian Rockies, July 16, 1908

Kichkassan Camp Thursday, July 16 Showers. W. and M. went off to explore this side of the outlet and see if it would be possible to get down or if there was possibly a trail; and U. was ferried over to the do likewise on the other side. I spent the A.M. watching the goat still playing about, four of them, the kid was doing some great skipping and gambolling. Also did some repair work on the mosquito curtains, sewing them fast to the tent on one side, with Mr. B.'s help, for it takes two for that kind of sewing, stabbing the needle back and forth at each other. W. and M. found nothing in the line of trail, and burnt timber too choked up to cut one. (They found a place where there had been a white man's camp, miner's tent.) They stodged through about 10 miles of it and were dirty and tired when they got in. U. came back just at supper time, we heard him jodel for the ferry and thought it was supper being announced. He had walked and run and clmbed about 25 miles, got within sight of Medicine Lake, found a trail going down from the Indian teepees a mile or so and said they could cut a way through to Medicine Lake, but it might take a week or so to do it! Of course we said, suppose we go back over Maligne Pass and down the Poboktan and Sunwapta, but they would have none of turning back, preferred to cut through and go down the Maligne. So tomorrow the outfit will be moved across. An. 5300 ft.


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