Mollie Adams Diary of Her Journey in the Canadian Rockies June 26, 1908

Mrs. Nicholl’s Camp
Friday, June 26

Rain. An. 6700 ft. W. and U. started off after late breakfast to prospect for a next camp ground somewhere over the high shoulder at Jonas Pass. We spent the day mostly in Mr. B.’s tent where the fire was. H. rigged up a perch of pack mantles to keep out the driving rain and snow, and we were comparatively comfortable and sympathetic for the poor things out in the mountains. They got in about 5 p.m. having had an awful time. Both said they had not been so cold all winter, soaked to the skin and wading in snow up to their waists, and a blizzard raging. They did not go to the top of Jonas Pass, but far enough to see it would be impossible to take the horses that way. 3 ft. of snow on a level, and drifted up to unknown depths right across toward the summit. So we shall have to go on down to Brazeau Lake and try one of those places we were looking at last year. The one halfway up the lake is the one, according to Coleman. It grew cold enough for the snow to lie on the ground toward evening.


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