Mollie Adams Diary of Her Journey in the Canadian Rockies July 2, 1908

Poboktan Camp
Thursday, July 2

Laid over. Occasional heavy showers. W. and U. climbed a mountain to the east. W. only went far enough to get a look down the valley to the Sunwapta. U. from the top saw the Brazeau valley above the lake -- two (apparently, perhaps) practicable passes leading to the same point in it from this valley, one from the pass, and one from the north side of the mt. he was on. He could look over into Jonas Cr[eek] valley, and the only possible way from there over here seemed to be the one we were looking at yesterdatm which has a great snow cornice all along it now. He thought he saw Mt. Robson in the dim distance, (the map makes it 100 miles from here and did surely see Mt. Sask[atchewan]; Mt. Ath[abasca], the Dome or Douglas, teh Twins, 2 probably Columbia -- 2 perhaps Alberta.

M. and I went for a short botanical walk. Mr. B.'s rheumatism being still bad, he is trying a slight rest cure. We found some more of the unknown yellow flower first discovered at  ----------- Camp. Got caught in the rain and I had to saunter home through it like a snail, as it was uphill.


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