Mollie Adams Diary of Her Journey in the Canadian Rockies June 24, 1908

Camp Parker, June 24.

Laid over today as the horses had a hard drive yesterday and the next one to Mrs. Nicholl’s camp on the Brazeau over the Nigel Pass, will be a long one. M., Mr. B., U. and H. took their lunch and went up the ridge U. and I were on last year, west of camp, aneroid 6,000 feet. U. ferried them over with pole. They got fossils for me, came back about 4:30, waded the creek all holding hands. The creek had risen a lot since morning and got thick and brown with mud. M. says they saw a big slide which probably sent it down. It was quite clear when I did my laundry at 11:30. Thunder shower in the evening.


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