Mollie Adams Diary of Her Journey in the Canadian Rockies June 30, 1908

Teepee Camp
Tuesday, June 30.

Off at 9 A.M. Travelled till 2 P.M. The trail was a little fierce, quick changes from burnt timber to rock climbing, muskeg, quicksands, scree slopes, and mud slides. Five or six of the pack horses were down and in trouble. An. gave 5800 for B[razeau] Lake. Coleman had it at 6200 on one map and 6300 on another. Camp 6550, well up toward the last timber. At 4 p.m. after lunch, everyone out to walk except the chef. Mr. B., although pretty lame, went with M. up a shoulder back of camp; W. and U. to prospect over the supposed pass for trail, and I ambling along in the lowlands on the lookout for any scientific specimens, botanical, geological or biological. Mr. B. has begun to pickle a few toads and such in whiskey, to add to the collection of birds and small mammals which at the present moment I believe number just two. All back for a delicious fried onion supper about 7:30, and to bed by 10.


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