Mollie Adams Diary of her Journey in the Canadian Rockies July 21, 1908

Maligne Lake
Tuesday, July 21
               Cool night again and another bright sunny day. Just as lunch was ready we had another surprise --- W. hove in sight looking almost as forlorn as on Sunday night. We prepared for the worst, of course, when we saw him, and it was not a cheerful report that he had to make. They had cut about a hole further yesterday afternoon, and then about 5 P.M., the work growing heavier all the time, W. Proposed that they should walk right through to Medicine Lake (then in sight) going by the river and coming back father up the hill and locate the best roué to cut. He thought it would not take more than an hour to get there. So they started an arrived at the lake at 10.30 P.M! He said it would take a gang of men a month to cut through there. At low water it might be possible to get through by crossing back and forth many times, without too much cutting, but not with the river at it’s highest. They started back to their camp, but it soon grew too dark to do the necessary log walking and jumping, so they stopped for a few hours by the wayside until daylight, then on again reaching the tent about 5 A.M “about in.” They slept awhile and W. started back here, as U. was to have left early tomorrow and do some extra cutting as he went along. So here we are just in the same fix as last year (and it was the 21st of July ’07, when we gave up and turned back at Shirt Camp on the Ath.), up against it. Only this time we have all our grub with us and time to turn back and go over the Maligne Pass again and down the Poboktan and SunWapta.
               We put our watches 1 hr., 10m earlier, as per sun dial time, taken today for the 2nd time.


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