Mollie Adams Diary of her Journey in the Canadian Rockies, August 13, 1908

Caledonia Camp.
Thursday, Aug. 13.
               We were 4 hrs. on the trail and camped at a place which McEvoy says is 8 miles in a straight line from the mouth of the Miette.  There are two trails, one to use at low water and one at high water.  The low one is best when the river is fordable, and we meant to take it as one outfit has been over it already, but found ourselves on the high trail before we knew it.  We thought we must be on it, and knew it when an outfit passed on the other side of the river.  We had been told there was a Grand Trunk outfit coming on the way to Edmonton.  The trail is pretty bad for one that is used so much, very rocky, and mud holes in spots.  Swift told us there was one very bad place where the horses had to jump down 3 ft., and if they jump a little too far they go over a cliff.  We did not think it too bad as compared to some we had seen elsewhere, but there were bones of the horses who had gone over at the foot of the cliff.  A scrubby camp as usual, in burnt timber.  M. got a lot of blueberries for supper.  Northern lights in the evening, and I saw two quite brilliant meteors, reddish color, one following close after and in the path of the other one, from n.e.


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