Mollie Adams Diary of her Journey in the Canadian Rockies, August 14, 1908

Boulder Creek Camp.
Friday, Aug. 14.
               3½ hrs. travel.  Camped at Deer Creek on the “prairie.”  Trail something like yesterday, but not quite so bad.  At 5 P.M. an outfit came riding into camp – Mr. Lister – they left Swift’s the day after us, and did in two days what we took three for.  Their horses are in bad shape, however.  They are going to stay here a day or two, as it seems their graphite is up this break.  There is also another camp across the creek from us – two prospectors – their tent is shut up at present, however.  W. and U. found a log and went over visiting after supper, and heard all the gossip gathered from the various outfits.  There are said to be some tourists at the Cache, who came there from the west, so we are thinking that if we should meet them and find they came in with no special difficulty, we shall be “booting ourselves” for leaving our grub at Swift’s.  Prof. Coleman is supposed to be on his way here from Edmonton, to climb Mt. Robson, his outfit was waiting at Lake St. Anne for him when Mr. Lister was there, and they were asked of [sic] they were the Coleman party.


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