Mollie Adams Diary of her Journey in the Canadian Rockies, August 23, 1908

Swift Current Camp.
Sunday, Aug. 23.
               Cloudy morning and began to rain before packing was done, so we started out wearing slickers although the chances were we should see the prospectors as we passed.  Their horses did cross the river on them, Mr. K. was up after them quite early and said he had to swim for it.  They grinned cheerfully as we rode past their camp, and Mr. Sommer (“The Chicago Kid” which he said was his only name while in Alaska), said they would soon be with us again, as they had decided to go on to Dominion Prairie, horse feed being so poor at the Grand Fork.  M. assured them there was good feed a little way up, but they did not seem to care about it, so we shall probably have the pleasure of their company for several days, as all outfits have to camp at about the same places along this road.  We made the drive to Moose Lake Camp in 5½ hrs. – rain most of the way.  I had not realized how much brush we scrubbed through till it was dripping wet and poured quarts of water on us as we passed.  The Chicago Kid and his partner blew into camp about half an hour after we did, and greeted us with cheerful shouts “everybody wet and happy?”  Most of us spent what was left of the afternoon, drying out, and a great big fire felt pretty good – quite a change from yesterday when we rode along sweltering in the sun.  The others came over in the evening and we had some more assorted yarns, Klondike and others.


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