Mollie Adams Diary of her Journey in the Canadian Rockies July 29, 1908

Departure Camp
Wednesday, July 29
               Mr B and H did not get off very early, as some of the horses they were to have had strayed away from the bunch, and were found at a distant point, taking in the scenery, about 9 o’clock.  Ricks, Wilcox, Roany, Ginger, Pinky II, The Twins and Charles, go with them.  U. and H. tried the ford before they took them all across, and found it not too bad, but not too good either.  So they all departed off on their way, “and we were left lamenting.”  We took a few farewell photos as they crossed the river.  Pinto almost fell down with U., got him good and wet, and the little horses almost got washed down, but not quite.  We spent the day busily with laundry, cooking (codfish cakes), strawberrying, etc.  U. came back about 6.30 having taken them as far as the bad bit of muskeg where we had quite a time last year.  They passed Camp XIV (Habit’s) about an hour up; and Quicksand Camp.  U. thought the muskeg place where they camped could not be very far below the big green flats.  The trail was quite as bad as last year, if not worse.  Two accidents in the kitchen during the afternoon.  W. made a very superior cake, but while in the act of baking it, tipped the pan out of the reflector and the cake ran on the ground.  Our loss was Muggins’ gain in that case.  The next was worse – the small agate lined cooking pot was washed away as W. was dipping up vater [sic].  I was washing my hands just below and saw it come snailing by, but did not have presence of mind enough to jump in and grab it.  So we shall have the pleasure of eating rusty cornstarch again soon.


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