Mollie Adams Diary of her Journey in the Canadian Rockies July 28, 1908

[Endless Chain], Mary Schäffer Fonds,
Whyte Museum of the Canadian Rockies (V4527 / PS 1-18)

Hobson`s Choice Camp.
Tuesday, July 28.
               W cut prospecting before breakfast. He found that about 1½ miles down the river on the other side was the big Indian tepee and drying rack camp where the big Brewster out it was also registered which we had seen last year. And an old camp, probably of Coleman’s on this side, with enough feed for us to lay over there a while. U goes up one day’s travel with my B and H. Also the river is in three channels there, and they will have to cross and go up on the other side. It rained all night; let up for breakfast, but began again while the horses were being packed, varied with hail. It only took us 35 minutes to move down --- making a pretty good average with yesterday’s 9 ½ hrs. Cold rain. W remarked that in this country there were 24 kinds of weather for the 24 hours of the day – hot, and cold, and 22 kinds of rotten. They were just going to put up our tent when a hornet’s nest was discovered on the site, as they pulled up a log to clear the ground. Just as well he had not settled ourselves on top of it. Our house was shifted a little to one side and the nest burned out, but hornets continued to frequent our front yard trying to find where they were at. M and I had both noticed ripe strawberries as we came along into camp, so after lunch we took some cups and went berrying. Got almost three cups full after an enormous amount of labor. When my cup was only a little more than half full, however, I had reached the stage when I would only stoop for the largest sized berries, so I did not do my share. They tasted delicious for supper, with sugar and cream. Everybody writing letters busily in the evening to go by the morning mail. Saw a goat sauntering along near the top of the Endless Chain.


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