Mollie Adams Diary of her Journey in the Canadian Rockies, September 3, 1908

Henry House Camp.
Thursday, Sept. 3.
               Moved out at 8.45 and travelled 4¾ hrs.  The trail was new to us, except just the first part, for when we came down we were not on any trail and were brought up short at the rock bluff at the end.  It led us around behind the rock bluff very neatly, over various high benches.  If it had been clear it seems as if we ought to have seen the top of Robson Pk., for we could look straight up over Yellowhead Pass and mt., but the clouds were hanging low – the top of Yellowhead Mt. even was hidden before we went around the corner out of sight of it.  Poor Dr. Coleman!  We spend quite a good deal of time wondering what he is doing these days, and whether it does not give him a slight jar to think that he might have got there before the fine weather broke up if he had moved on Sundays.  Our trail grew vague after a time, and left us wandering among sloughs, rock ridges and burnt timber.  We were on it semi-occasionally, but mostly just getting through anywhere but keeping far back from the river.  Passed several small sloughy ponds and finally camped by a larger one which might be called a lake as it is perhaps a quarter of a mile long, and a very dark blue – or green, it is hard to tell which – as if it were pretty deep.  W. found that there is a chain of 4 or 5 lakes like this one extending back to the mountains.  No rain today where we were, but showers all around.
Indigo Lake Camp.


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