Mollie Adams Diary of her Journey in the Canadian Rockies, September 7, 1908

Monday Sept. 7.
Salt Lick Camp II.
               Heavy rain all night.  No one up till 8 o’clock when the rain stopped, and did not get started till 11.30.  Travelled till 4 P. M. and camped a little beyond Shirt Camp II where we were on the way down, near the place where M. and I got so many strawberries the day we laid over while the trail was cut out.  There must be a fine bunch of mts. between the Whirlpool and Chaba Rivers.  We had a glimpse of two very good looking ones up the second gap below the mouth of the Su-Wapta, one a single pyramidal white peak, the other, the more southerly, “triple-headed” like Lyell.  There are six distinct mts, between the bend in the Ath at mouth of Su-Wapta and the Whirlpool, and some of those near the Ath are not to be dispised either.  The “Sugarloaf” looks as if it would give someone a good climb some day.  It is in the 2nd. range down, and there is a higher looking one between it and the two mentioned above beyond the head of the second creek.  A few showers during day.


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