Mollie Adams Diary of her Journey in the Canadian Rockies, September 14, 1908

Camp Parker
Monday Sept. 14.
               Aneroid when we left, 6600 ft.  4 hrs. 20 m. drive to Moss Camp.  Aneroid at the big hill 6400 ft at the top, 5400 at the bottom.  Weather still very unsettled, with occasional showers.  It looks as if there was forest fire smoke down in the Sask valley and toward the Bow Summit.  As soon as we got over the Wilcox Pass to Camp Parker and could see Mt. Wilson in the distance we felt as if we were very near home indeed.  This made the 6th. time we have been at Camp Parker.  There has been a new rock and mud slide come down off the cliffs east of the North Fork a little below the big hill, since we went up in June, making a rough bit – sharp stones and mud holes.  We down the river flats as the water was low enough to ford with ease, much to Muggins’ disgust, as it was cool enough for him not to care for so much swimming.  After the 4th. or 5th crossing he began to ask to be carried, and U. took him up sometimes, but he does not much like to be lifted up by the scruff of his neck either, so it is a choice of evils.  Once when we came to rather a wide stretch of water, Mug stood shivering on the bank considering the situation, then he ran across the gravel flats to the edge of the woods and sat down there squealing gently and looking very dejected as the procession of horses passed him and stodged into the river one after the other.  It was plain enough which way he was advising us to go.  There has been an outfit over the trail, coming down from Camp Parker with unshod horses since the high water.  And in the afternoon W. went down the creek to the river to try for fish, and found quite fresh tracks, hobnailed boots as well as horses, as if some outfit had come up the river, not knowing where the trail lay.
               Aneroid at Moss Camp 5300 ft.

[Person and dog crossing river on horseback], Mary Schaffer fonds,
Whyte Museum of the Canadian Rockies (V527 / PS1 - 154)


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