New Year. New Gallery. New Connections.

Instead of starting the new year with fireworks and champagne we here at the Whyte Museum decided to start the year off with ART, and lots of it!

Following renovations that took place in November/December 2017 we are happy to announce that our Founders' Gallery is open once again with a new look, feel, and exhibition. 

After many years of hanging artwork after artwork on the walls, the walls themselves needed to be replaced with a tougher material. We now have strong and fresh looking walls that provide the perfect background for our collection. 

Our curatorial team then took a page out of 19th century France and hung the gallery salon style in favour of conventional formats. The floor to ceiling installation gives the observer more artwork to look at, more connections to make and more stories to explore. Accompanying the artwork is an exhibition booklet that contains information on each piece in the gallery. Visitors can learn about the artists, the history of the artwork/artifacts, and many stories attached to them.

More welcome additions to the gallery are small shelves interspersed throughout the hanging art. These shelves hold sculptural pieces and artifacts from the collection such as stone carvings and woven baskets. Once again, these new features allow us to create a space for all sorts of art and heritage objects to bring more of the Whyte Museum collection to the public.

Come Quench Your Thirst, Margaret Gmoser, 1989
Submitted for themed exhibition Tea at the Whyte

Muskox, Angilosh, 1962

Gems Within: 50 Years of Collecting aims to showcase our collection that has expanded and evolved over the last 50 years. The work on display contains highlights, while also exhibiting a cross section of the different styles and types of art in the collection, both historic and contemporary.   

Come explore our new Founders' Gallery!

The Whyte Museum is Open Daily from 10 AM to 5 PM

111 Bear St., Banff, Alberta, Canada


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