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Women's History Month: Pearl Brewster Moore

Pearl Brewster Moore was born in July of 1889. She was the fifth child of the Brewster family and the only girl out of seven siblings. An avid horse rider, collector, hunter, sports enthusiast, and community leader, Pearl was heavily involved with many Banff community events such as the Banff Winter Carnival and the Second World War Banff-Jasper Spitfire fund. As a member of the Calgary hockey team, Calgary Regents, she won Champions of Western Canada in 1917, 1919, and 1920. She was committed to organized sports and would continue to play the game late into her life. Her passion for horses was directly translated into her having the position of Vice President of the Trail Riders of the Canadian Rockies from 1925 to 1933. In 1933, she would become the first woman President of the organization. As an accomplished rider, she taught her horse, Guerney to walk on its hind legs. Pearl also had a personal relationship with the Stoney Nakoda which stemmed from her childho

Women's History Month: Catharine Robb Whyte

Known for her generosity and love of people, Catharine continues to play a vital role in the vision of the Whyte Museum. Artist, philanthropist, community leader, and friend, she was a significant figure in the Bow Valley. Born in Concord, Massachusetts, Catharine selected the School of the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston to study art. There, in 1925, she would meet Peter Whyte. They would marry in June of 1930. An avid letter and diary writer, Catharine’s descriptions of the places she visited and the people she met are a testament to the vast appreciation she had for the Canadian Rocky Mountains. With over 400 paintings, Catharine was an accomplished landscape and portrait artist. Catharine’s paintings illustrated and reflected her own emotions. As her nephew, Jon Whyte once remarked, “People may read her landscapes as simple depiction but this always dynamic, congenial, considerate, charitable and democratic woman, her face illuminated by a smile and her love of life, create

Women's History Month: Elizabeth von Rummel

October is Women’s History Month (Canada). Throughout the month of October we will be featuring and celebrating women. From mountaineers, to guides and artisans, let’s celebrate the diversity of women in the Canadian Rockies!  Born to an aristocratic family in Germany, Elizabeth, later known as Lizzie came to Canada with her family for the first time in April of 1911. Eventually, the family moved permanently to Canada. Lizzie’s first experience in the back country of Assiniboine was in 1938, where she was a chambermaid, hostess, and guide. She participated in many activities such as climbing, hiking, and skiing. In 1943, she began the management of the Skoki Lodge. By 1947, she was managing the Temple Chalet, Lake Louise Ski Resort, and Skoki Lodge. In December 1950, at the age of 54, Lizzie was finally able to purchase her cabin at Sunburst Lake, near Assiniboine. She spent twenty years running the Sunburst Lake Camp. On December 20th 1979, she was awarded the Order of Canada.