Gateway to the Rockies Exhibition

Gateway, Rocky Mountain Park, [1921], Byron Harmon photograph, V263 / NA - 3436

The Gateway to the Rockies exhibition is our permanent heritage gallery exhibition that was installed in the Spring of 2012 and updated in Winter of 2016/2017. The Gateway to the Rockies exhibition presents a brief history of the Canadian Rockies. It is designed to introduce visitors to the art, history and culture of the Canadian Rockies.

Throughout the exhibition, key figures and critical moments in Rocky Mountain history is used to shape the narrative. These individuals represent men and women from diverse ethnic, cultural, and social backgrounds – from prominent socialites to ordinary people. The individual stories of these alpine adventurers, hunters of peace, and artistic eyes make it possible to highlight the richness of their time; their context enables a fresh reading of this place and its resonant past.

To get a brief introduction to some of these stories read the blog posts found under the Gateway to the Rockies option of our Blog Topics menu in the top right pop-out menu or come visit us at the Whyte Museum in Banff to explore the gallery yourself!

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