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Artifact Feature: Pony Premno No.6 Camera

Artifact Feature Pony Premno No.6 Camera Camera, 1810-1910, Wood; Skin; Metal; Glass, 104.41.0007 This small, bellows camera is a Pony Premno No.6. The Premno camera line was produced by the Rochester Optical Company. As technology changed and photography became more popular, the wants of the average consumer also changed. No longer did the heavy and cumbersome cameras of the past have a place in the everyday life of an amateur photographer. They wanted a lighter, less bulky camera that was easily transported.  This particular camera has a 9 x 12 cm quarter plate, f/ 4.5 150 mm Planatograph lens, and a Bausch & Lomb pneumatic shutter [2]. It also has a tilting and reversing back, which allows for either portrait or landscape pictures to be taken. The ground glass screen is a ". . . sheet of glass with matted surface, placed in the plane to be occupied by the sensitized plate. When the image on screen is sharp the camera [is] correctly focused [1]."

The Beach House Hotel: Lake Minnewanka's First Hotel

The Beach House Hotel Lake Minnewanka's First Hotel  [Beach House, Lake Minnewanka], ca. 1890, A. B. Thom (Winnipeg, MB),  Whyte Museum of the Canadian Rockies, Brett Family fonds (V83/PA/7/231) Arriving in Banff in 1886, Willoughby John Astley, along with W. H. Desbrowne, decided to build the first ever hotel on Lake Minnewanka. A log structure was completed in 1886/87 and aptly named the Beach House Hotel.   [Lake Minnewanka], [1890],  Whyte Museum of the Canadian Rockies,  Astley Family fonds (V394/PA-1) In June of 1889, Willoughby's brother, Charles D'oyley Astley, his wife Lucy Ann Andrew, and their infant daughter Violet Louisa would join him at the hotel.  In 1890 Willoughby was contracted by the Canadian Pacific Railway to build a small two bedroom chalet at Laggan, now known as Lake Louise (pictured below). After the construction , Willoughby was hired to run this chalet at Laggan and a fter his departure, his brother Charles D'oy

A Look Back: A Year of Celebrations

[ Untitled], ca. 1929 to 1964, Peter and Catharine Whyte fonds (V683/III/A/15/PA-184) As we begin 2019 we reflect back on our 50th anniversary celebrations and another great year here at the Whyte. For our anniversary, the Museum hosted exhibitions and events to mark the occasion. Let's take a look at this years past events!  Odo Kokusei, Snow in the Dawn, Tale of Prince Genji, 1878, woodblock print, KkO.04.01 a-c From Morse to Whyte: A Dynastic Bequest of Japanese Treasures April 14 to June 10, 2018 Catharine Robb Whyte's maternal grandfather, Dr. Edward Sylvester Morse (1838-1925) was a scholar with a vast range of interests, including Japanese culture. This exhibition included ceramics and other artistic and cultural objects.  Artistry Revealed: Peter Whyte, Catharine Robb Whyte and Their Contemporaries June 17 to October 21, 2018 In 2018, with the help of our community the Whyte Museum celebrated its 50th anniversar